Python moves the world - Attractive programming for young people

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Use Blender 2.76 to create and manipulate a 3D world with the builtin Python language.

Everything is allowed what you get with the Python programming language are constructing or starts to move. The operation of the tools offering the program Blender as symbols and key commands is not permitted during the programm execution of the solution submitted. Alone your program controls what happens.

Movies of the construction by a camera ride provided by Kamerafahrt or on your own.

Your program must contain everything filed what you in this show your tracking show.

Prepare a 3 minute presentation in front of (or Slide Show Screencast): Describe your goals and why you, the have chosen submitted solution. Go to special features of your program and the process and show the advantages or disadvantages the controller on using Python. Create a text transcript of your Lecture. You can supplement this with annotations.

Submitted until and including the ... (date to be confirmed) a compressed Archive file (zip, tar.gz) file to the e-mail address:

In mail text the statement:

I have competition read and agree with this rules.

The contents of the compressed archive file:

  1. Film camera ride around your design (1 to 3 minutes)
  2. Your Python programs in a folder
  3. Your presentation in the form of a slide show or screencast
  4. Text transcript of the lecture