Übersicht: Python & Blender

Please insert new learning units (stations) here, as long as it is not clear where to place the new content. In the first place we need an English version. If you have an proposal, enhancement or bug and you are not able to handle it by your self, don't hasitate to use the ticket system at

How you can contribute:

  • If you have an proposal, enhancement or bug use the ticket system at

  • If like to translate the content to a not available language, check out the content and add a new folder for your language. Copy the texts you want to translate and chech the translated parts in, to the repository.

  • If you like to create a new learning unit (station) then check out the repository and start writing.

Put a link to your new »learning stations« at the end of this sample list:

| `My new learning station </stories/en/icubator/m-folder/my-lesson>`_

Replace the following data with your informations:

  • My new learning station
  • my-folder
  • my-lesson (my-lesson.rst)

New Learning units

Put the new link here, as shown in the example above...

Image source

[1] Image by blickpixel